Saturday, February 6, 2016

Why do we realize the value in something when it is gone?

My last visit at Maunawili Elementary School was not one of the discussions that I come back to class on Wednesdays saying how great it was, but it was one that left me with some type of feeling. This feeling that I had was not extremely horrible but it wasn’t the greatest feeling either. I was left with the feeling that you get when the power goes out and suddenly you realize how much you took electricity for granted during those few hours without it. It was simply the feeling of acceptance. During a power outage you eventually accept that it happens, and that’s what I did, I accepted the fact that sometimes we forget the value in something. In this situation that “something” that lost value was p4c.

The saying “ you only realize what you have until it’s gone” came to my mind instantly as I was writing this. Why is it then that it is only when something is taken away from us that we realize how much it is actually worth? I am dreading these last months of high school and maybe it is because I have a bad case of “senioritis” but until I walk that line and my diploma is handed to me, high school will soon be lessons and a memory to me. I’ll be saying things like “those WERE the best years of my life” or “ I can’t believe it’s all OVER.” A common theme with those phrases are using words that refer to the past. What does it take for us to realize what we have besides losing it?

Reflections, that is how we will realize the value of something. You could reflect on your life, what you read, or what you just discussed. For example, during a discussion you might forget something super deep that someone just said, that’s why we take notes and have a… reflection! Giving ourselves time to reflect allows us to think about things and what we can change or keep the same.

I will not be a philoSURFER forever and neither will Logan and Colby, but I realize now that I only have a few months left with them. Sometimes when I leave each campus I think about how knowledgeable they will be of p4c and what value they’ll find in it. During our discussions I try and think about what is going through a student’s mind. I love to hear about what p4c means to them and how it affected their lives. I guess hearing these little things reminds me how much value p4c has.

After so much thinking and having many realizations, I am now left with a different mindset. I have to accept that sometimes there will be bumps in the road, but I shouldn’t let that stop me. I also shouldn’t forget about the journey along with taking that road to wherever it will lead me. Lastly, don’t forget to stop and smell the flowers. I know this all might sound dorky and I probably stole those sayings from a couple of scenes in different movies which I don’t recall, but after every movie you have to go and tell a friend how terrible or how awesome it was. I guess my journey/movie of being a philoSURFER will soon come to an end but at least I will have a story to tell.

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