Monday, February 1, 2016

Giving Never Ages

"What are the reasons that even though we have enough, we still want more?"  This question came a few days ago from my fellow philoSURFER Logan and it has been making me think ever since.  As humans, enough is definitely not enough.  We are constantly living in fear that we are never satisfied with what we have, so instead of being thankful, we usually turn greedy.  Thomas, a child in our kindergarten class at Maunawili placed his thoughts on it and said "when we are overflowing with toys, we can just give it away to other kids who don't have enough toys to play with at all." When I heard that, it struck me as an unorthodox answer.  People in this generation today sometimes lack humility with replacing "ours" to "mine." Those who share what they have and give from the bottom of their hearts had either felt like what it is like to have little to nothing, or are kind hearted people.

With that being said, I was still wondering "how many people are willing to sacrifice a peice of what they have, without being hurt of loss?"  Lisandro's answer shocked me; "I would give my favorite (object) away to someone who doesn't have it because they need it to be happy."

As you may infer, kindergarten classes have been going well, but it's like a tornado; you will not know what will land right in front of you.  It could be the best discussion or a brainstorm of pure ideas.  Logan and I have been racking our brains having our own discussions on our way back to our school and it makes us keep thinking that, giving something, anything for that matter, never comes with an age requirement.

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