Wednesday, February 10, 2016

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

A quote that never really had much value to me until having a discussion with a bunch of fourth grade students. Who would have thought that kids at that age actually understand the concept of having to grow up? It seems that kids already know what is ahead of them and what they have to do in order to live a good life. When I was in the fourth grade I didn’t know anything about being an adult. We had a discussion on the question “ What if everyone was rich?”

So what if everyone was rich? Yeah, of course we could get whatever we want, do whatever we please, etc. but then we dug deeper. We came to the point where we realized that if everyone was rich, no one would have to go to school or go to work because once you are born you are rich. Eventually, we have to come to a point where we need to get things we need like food, medicine, clothing, and so on. If everyone is well off no one is going to step up to the plate and work if they know they already have enough money to support themselves. 

A lot of the students mentioned that there would be no stores because there would be no workers and it had reminded me of the past. In the past, people had to trade things in order to get what they need. For example, if I had a corn field and a friend of mine knew how to sew clothing, I would trade corn in order to get clothes. I feel like we would just repeat history if all of a sudden we became rich.

Repeating history, it sounds a bit strange but think about it for a second. We would become idiots if we became rich because we would have kids and they wouldn’t be going to school, without educated people there are no jobs being done. In order for jobs to be done, their parents would have to teach them their talents in order to carry on their business and to have them provide for themselves. Eventually, a system will be created and trading won’t be necessary. Hmm… sound familiar?

Becoming rich with materialistic things does not matter to me, but being rich in love and happiness matters to me the most. I value people, the people in my life and everyone who surrounds me matters to me. I was so caught up in the idea that performing a surgery that could save someone’s life was the only way I could help someone, but I was wrong. I have learned that I can make an impact on someone’s life by simply talking to them and if it’s meaningful to them, you have changed their life. My senior year has been quite a ride but it is not over yet, there is little time left to make decisions. I regret being such a close-minded person because if I knew that my passion wasn’t to cut a person open or draw blood from a patient it would’ve made making decisions a little easier. So maybe becoming a surgeon who makes over two hundred grand isn’t for me. I would rather have a job that I love and feel like it isn’t even work. I don’t need to be a cardiothoracic surgeon to move child’s heart, my words should be able to do the work and let their own bodies’ heal.

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