Monday, February 1, 2016

Age is just a number

"What are the reason that age defines a person's knowledge?" I've been thinking about this so much lately because this is one of the main reasons people think p4c is meant for adults or people who are capable of thinking intellectually. My kindergarten class at Maunawilli has been blowing my mind lately with what they have to say bout things and my last visit left me with my jaw left hanging. This was also the first time that Colby would join me in kindergarden and by the end of the discussion I could tell he was a little dumbfounded by what was said. I started the discussion by posing the question "What are the reasons that even though we have enough we still want more?" I could tell that at first the kids couldn't really understand, but it took one person to answer and eventually everyone else understood the question, too. I guess it's kind of like a "monkey see monkey do" concept. At first the kids started talking about the same thing, but then Peter said something totally different, then the kids started to understand the question and how to answer and at that point I could tell that the discussion was on a good track. 

The student that confused Colby and I the most was Lisandro. Her answer to the first question was "well we want more because people feel empty inside so we buy things to make it full but then deep inside they're still empty." This was an astounding answer that no one saw coming and it makes our visits worthwhile. Actually, this is what keeps us coming back; their sense of wonderment shows they all have the mark of the philosopher. I'm definitely looking forward to our next visit to kindergarten.

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