Thursday, December 3, 2015

Surprise! Reading Actually Helps

This week has been so much easier working with the kindergarteners. Since they are so young they still need work on not only forming a question but answering one as well. On previous visits I would go with either Maureen or Cindy and we would throw a question at them and the discussion would be very one way and we would desperately try to keep the conversation going by trying to relate to them as simple as possible. But I noticed from the second grade class that the kids seemed to be apart of the conversation a lot more from reading the book and not only did the seem to be apart of the discussion but they had started to use another source to help back up their reasoning so now instead of giving an answer with no evidence of where they got it from they now have some sort of evidence to help prove their point. In my opinion this is a break through that will help form their question making and answering skills and, even though they are not ready for a Plain Vanilla inquiry just yet, they are already trying to give counter claims as to why their class mate is wrong.