Friday, October 30, 2015

The "unveiling" of the philoSURFERS

Yesterday, Kailua High School held their annual Parent and Community day. The aim is to highlight the initiatives of school, as well as share data about their efforts with the wider community. Honestly, it is an amazing opportunity to ensure the school is really listening to the populations in which they serve. The reason I mention this is because I was asked to present the historical timeline of p4c at Kailua High. This post is not intended to summarize that presentation (I think I am saving that for an academic paper topic in the near future), but is aimed to highlight the brilliance of the philoSURFERS.

The students each got up on stage in front of hundreds in attendance, introduced themselves, spoke about their experiences being a philoSURFER, and then provided the details on the schools in which we work. As the details emerged, there was a murmur in the audience. People were turning to their neighbors in what seemed to be an attempt to do some quick math. What they ended up realizing was in just 13 weeks, the philoSURFERS reach has impacted four schools, twenty-two teachers, and roughly 560 students! This is incredible. If this is what we have done in just over a quarter, what is possible for the year? The next two years? Five years? A decade? This project is truly innovative and is an important aspect in revolutionizing our schools. I am so grateful to consider these three teens my colleagues and look forward to working with many of their peers in the future. This community will surely benefit from their energy, intellect, and efforts.

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