Friday, October 23, 2015

Is it reasonable to infer...?

This week I visited Mrs. U’s freshmen physical science at Kailua High School, Mrs. G’s kindergarten class at Enchanted Lake Elementary, Ms. F’s kindergarten class and Mrs. T’s second grade class at Ka‘elepulu. Mrs. U’s class focused on the functions of a home which would tie into a “universal dwelling.” The students determined if the functions were essential or special features. In Mrs. G’s class, I had to create a lesson plan for kindergarteners and try to do a bit of inquiry with them. I told them about the “Ohana Ball” and its rules, played speedball; that way the students knew how to throw the ball properly, and a small discussion about with it means to be a good listener. In Ms. F’s class, they started with an all about me bag. During the share time, students did the shaka that meant something in their class, it meant you and me are the same. The class also did a “because” activity which dealt with a sheet. The sentence started with “this is not a blanket because it is a…” This activity helped with their reasoning and using the word because. In Mrs. T’s class, they talked about what responsibilities we have as students, then it went to responsibilities as a whole.
After experiencing different grade levels of inquiry from kindergarten to second grade to ninth grade, the discussion that stuck out to me the most was from Mrs. T’s class. As we talked about responsibilities as a student, then onto our own responsibilities outside of school. I began to wonder a few questions. Is it reasonable to infer that sometimes the responsibilities we have are because we have to have that responsibility rather than because we want to have that responsibility? This wonderment came about when people were describing some of their responsibilities in and out of school. Kayla said that her responsibilities were to watch over her younger siblings. Ken said his responsibilities were bathing and doing homework. As more students kept saying what their responsibilities were, it made me truly wonder do we have to have those responsibilities or do we want those responsibilities.
I think the responsibilities we have are things we know what we have to do rather than wanting to have it. Over time you kind of you know what you have to do and sometimes you don’t want to do it but it is responsibility of yours. For example, one of the responsibilities that I have is to be a role model for my younger brother. He is a junior and old enough to make his own decisions, but I feel like I have an influence on him since I am his only and oldest sister. There are times where I don’t want to have that responsibility because there are some things I do that he does not know of and I know he would think of me differently and not see me as a role model. However, I still have to take that responsibility and be the best sister that I can be. The responsibilities we have start to become a daily routine for us without even knowing. That’s why I can infer that the responsibilities we have are because we have to have it. Having responsibility is sort of human nature because it’s everywhere whether you know it or not. Like helping people you do not know. You are not obligated to help them but you help them anyways because you might feel like it’s a responsibility to help people right? For people who don’t want to have responsibilities but still have them anyways are people who might feel like their responsibilities are placed upon them to do. For example, now that I am a lot older I have to do laundry. I do my own because I know it is my responsibility, but then my mom tells me do theirs. Which makes no sense because I feel like it is not a responsibility of mines, but I have to do it anyways. When I think of having responsibilities, I think of it as things that not only help yourself, but things that helps others too. We’ve grown up with rules we have to live by and chores that we have to do. At some point of your life you are going to want to have some responsibility because no one is going to tell you what to do, when to do it, or how to do it, so you would have to do it yourself. That is why I do not think we have responsibilities because we want to have it, but more because we have to have responsibility.
Being a philoSURFER made me realize that I have a responsibility. I have a responsibility to teach these students about philosophy and its importance. This is a huge responsibility because I know what is at stake. I have eyes and ears open, watching and listening to me and I know how powerful philosophy can be. As I answered my own philosophical question, I came to a conclusion that I myself have responsibility because I know I have to have it not because I want to have it. I don't want to be responsible for everything but if I have to then I know I will take that responsibility. After experiencing being a philoSURFER for about two weeks it made me realize how great of  an impact I can be on students and like I’ve said before that’s a responsibility that I have. I wish we could get more students to participate but I know that we are the guinea pigs. But my hope is to get students to join this because I myself know what p4c can do and how powerful it can be and I want other students to help branching this out especially in elementary and intermediate schools, that way every bad thing or stereotypical thing they’ve heard in the past, they’ll forget, and they will become philosophical thinkers who can share their wonderments and thoughts without the fear of being judged.   

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