Wednesday, January 13, 2016

The Yin and Yang

As a seventeen year old, I learned that there are times when you shouldn’t do certain things such as speaking. Mrs.C had told me that the class still had a problem with just simply listening to her when she is talking. We had tried to address this issue numerous times and it all came down to if they thought that it was important for them to show respect.

I had asked the question “ Is there ever a wrong time to do something you like to do? I know that you guys like to talk to your friends, but is there times where you know you shouldn’t?” Of course the students replied with “ when Mrs.C is talking” because they felt obligated to do so. As we continued to talk about about times we shouldn’t do things, we discussed differences and that lead me to ask them about the yin and yang.

The yin and yang is basically opposites, and I explained how black circle in the white represents the bad in the good and the white circle in the black represents the good in the bad. I asked the students “ how do you think this relates to you guys?” Kory said “ I think it represents our personalities.” I didn’t understand how it would relate to our personalities because it was just an image and I didn’t see a connection until I really thought about it. I tried to clarify with the student by asking “ So your saying our personalities represent our own yin and yang and when the good comes out in us it could possibly reshape itself?(creating an unbalanced yin and yang)” I was correct with what the students idea and it was interesting what the other students had to say. One student had said that we control our yin and yang by our feelings. Another student said “ I wonder if we can control it, to make it stay balanced.”

Although our discussion was cut short, I could tell that many of them were left wondering about this discussion. Even if our discussions last about 45 minutes long, I could tell they yearn for more time for p4c. They all wanted me to stay longer so they could share more about the topic we were talking about. It is a great feeling to know that I am able to see each student in this class, or any class that we work with, progress with their responses or questions.

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