Wednesday, January 13, 2016

19 weeks in...

After 19 weeks of being a philoSURFER we started off with only the idea that we were going to be doing p4c with kids all week, little did we know that in reality our actual roles were to be a mini Dr. Miller. The term may sound funny but reflecting back on this semester has really got me thinking about all of the kids and classes that I have been in, all of the discussions I've led and from day one of this project to now I have never been more proud in myself as well as my peers. The kids have had such an impact on me and the way that I teach p4c, they have tough me how to adapt to new situations and in discussions to not over think a question. The first week of this project was really rough on me because whenever we would have inquiries, my mind would be thinking at a high school level instead of kindergarten or first grade and it was hard to start them off because no one could understand what I was saying. Even though it took some time for me to understand they way they learned.

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